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About Us

EVSE Singapore aims to provide the electromobility industry with innovative services and integrated solutions. We seek to deliver top of the range products at fair prices, and create an extensive energy infrastructure that’s easy to navigate. With more than 15 years of history, we are poised for accelerated growth and geared for excellence in energy solutions.


Why Choose EVSE Singapore?


Ensured Quality & Safety

Products sourced by EVSE Singapore are rife with safety features and continuously improved upon to achieve a higher standard for tech products.

To ensure the best performance, our products are also tested against the strictest regulations in compliance with Singapore & international standards.


Expert Solutions

At EVSE Singapore, you are serviced by highly experienced engineers dedicated to sorting out all your e-mobility needs. Regardless of your requirements, individual or corporate, our engineers are here to advise you on the best fit for the best performance.


Effortless Processes

EVSE Singapore strives to ease your electric journey with our selection of solutions. To do so, we conduct extensive evaluations to ensure the products we carry are user-friendly from installation to utilisation.


Exclusive Products

Currently, EVSE Singapore is the exclusive partner of EO Charging’s Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers in Singapore. Designed and manufactured in Europe, EO Charging’s products are embedded with smart technologies designed to give you the power of energy autonomy.