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Your electric journey starts here

Home Charging

Take charge of your electric journey with our selection of home chargers.


EO Mini

Ready for any EV – suitable for the electric cars of today and tomorrow

Solar charging – power your car using green energy (optional extra)

EO Mini Pro 2

Smartphone controlled – monitor energy usage and charge scheduling

Solar charging – power your car using green energy (optional extra)

Installed by Pros


To ensure a safe, quality, and efficient installation, we engage only qualified and licensed electrical workers (LEW) to survey, install, test, and certify your EV chargers.


The smartphone app for the EO Mini Pro 2 is the ‘EO Smart Home’ app, powered by EO Charging’s own back-office platform. This can be downloaded for free on the Apple App Store here and on Google Play Store here.

The EO Mini Pro 2 does not come with a locking socket but you can configure it to only charge during certain time periods and prevent others from using your charger when your car isn’t plugged in. To do so, simply set a ‘Scheduled Charging’ using the ‘EO Smart Home’ app.

If you’re going away for a longer period of time (e.g. on holiday) you can easily disable your EO Mini Pro 2 by tapping the padlock on the main screen of the ‘EO Smart Home’ app. That way if another vehicle is plugged in whilst you’re away it simply won’t charge.

It’s not possible to use RFID with an EO Mini Pro 2 as it isn’t equipped with a RFID card reader – that said, the EO Mini Pro 2 is smartphone controlled so you can start, stop and schedule a charging session from the ‘EO Smart Home’ app. If you are looking for an RFID-enabled chargepoint click here.

The EO Mini Pro 2 charging rate can be set up to 7.2kW – this must be manually setup by an EO Approved Installer during your installation, according to the power supply available at your home.

If you are concerned about the charging rate of your EO Mini Pro 2 then please first contact the EO Approved Installer that installed your home charging unit.

Our Development team use charging data for diagnostic purposes.

Our Support Team may access your data in the event of a fault.

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Our Chargers Are
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