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Privacy Policy

EVSE Privacy Policy

1. This Privacy Policy sets out EVSE’s privacy practices and the manner in which we deal with your personal information in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (“PDPA”). You are encouraged to review this Privacy Policy before accessing EVSE’s digital content.

2. By continuing to access EVSE’s digital content and to use EVSE’s Ecommerce services, you are deemed to have read, understood and agree to EVSE’s collection, storage, use and disclosure of your personal information as set out in this Privacy Policy.

3. Please note that EVSE is not liable to you for the privacy policy of third party’s webpage(s).


(A) Collection of personal information

4. EVSE will collect and store your personal information once you access EVSE’s digital content and webpage and/or check out and submit your purchase order to EVSE via our Ecommerce store. Such personal information includes, but are not limited to the following:

    (a) Your name, NRIC number (where necessary), date of birth, contact number, residential address and email address;

    (b) Payment information such as credit card details;

    (c) Records of discussions or correspondences, including details that EVSE may have gathered from any customer satisfaction surveys;

    (d) Details of your usage of EVSE’s digital content, webpage and/or eCommerce store;

    (e) Information derived from cookies when you visit EVSE’s digital content, webpage and/or eCommerce store; and

    (f) Such other information that EVSE may require from you from time to time and information that you chose to disclose to us voluntarily.


(B) Retention of personal information

5. The personal information derived from your access of EVSE’s digital content, webpage and/or Ecommerce store is kept by EVSE for as long as the purpose for which such information was collected continues.

6. In accordance with the PDPA, EVSE shall remove your personal information from EVSE’s database as soon as it is reasonable to assume that:

    (a) The purpose for which your personal information was collected is no longer being served by retention of your personal information; and

    (b) Retention of your personal information is no longer needed for any legal or business purposes.

7. You may also let EVSE know in writing if you do not agree to EVSE’s retention of your personal information.


(C) Disclosure and use of personal information

8. You consent to EVSE’s usage of your personal information in so far as it is permitted by law. EVSE may use your personal information for the purposes which include, but are not limited to, the following:

    (a) Fulfill your order of our products and services.

    (b) For internal management of EVSE’s products and services being provided to you.

    (c) Communicate with you, including conducting surveys, obtaining feedback and investigate complaints.

    (d) For purposes of marketing and providing you with an update of EVSE’s products via EVSE’s newsletter, where you have subscribed to the same.

    (e) For purposes of updating and enhancing our records.

    (f) For training purpose.

    (g) For audit requirements, tax requirements, creditworthiness checks and billing purposes.

    (h) Assist you in such queries that you may raise. EVSE would require your personal information to quickly identify the product(s) that you had purchased and provide you with solution(s) promptly.

    (i) Improve EVSE’s products, services and webpage through analysing and identifying areas and functionalities where customers have difficulties.

    (j) Ensure that EVSE’s products and services and digital content are secured, to guard against fraud, and to ensure compliance with EVSE’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

    (k) Ensure business continuity and disaster recovery.

    (l) For corporate activities or reorganisations which EVSE may be involved in.

    (m) For such other purposes as is reasonably required to provide products and services to you.

9. EVSE may also disclose your personal information to relevant third party(ies) who may include, but are not limited to, the following:

    (a) EVSE’s parent company (i.e. Novexx Pte Ltd) or other companies within Novexx Pte Ltd’s group of companies.

    (b) Service providers, whom EVSE are under a contract with, to assist in fulfilling orders from you, such as delivery of products, installation, billing, sending mail and email to you, processing credit card payments, investigating fraud and providing customer service.

    (c) Law enforcement, when EVSE are asked to do so to assist a criminal investigation or alleged illegal activity. The personal information which we will disclose for law enforcement includes your name, NRIC number, contact information, your ID history, IP address, fraud complaints, purchasing and listing history.

    (d) EVSE’s professional advisers such as accountants, auditors and lawyers.

    (e) Any agent acting on EVSE’s behalf.

    (f) Such business entity which EVSE may be involved with for the purpose of merger or acquisition.


(D) Protection of personal information

10. EVSE are bound by the PDPA to protect your personal information. In this regard, EVSE shall take reasonable precaution to safeguard your personal information.

11. EVSE shall endeavour to observe the following principles when processing your personal information:

    (a) Process your personal information fairly and lawfully.

    (b) Collect your personal information for specified and legitimate purposes only.

    (c) Collect your personal information which is relevant to and not excessive for which it is collected, used and disclosed.

    (d) Maintain the accuracy of your personal information and keeping it up-to-date.

    (e) Keeping your personal information for as long as it is necessary.

    (f) Process your personal information in accordance with your legal rights.

    (g) Take reasonable measures to prevent unauthorised access, unlawful processing and unauthorised destruction or damage to your personal information.

12. However, EVSE does not represent or warrant that your personal information will be completely safeguarded from attacks by computer hackers, other criminal activities, malfunction of computer hardware or telecommunication network. Should your personal information be leaked, EVSE will inform you immediately and take the necessary remedial action(s).

13. Please note that EVSE are prevented under the PDPA to transfer your personal information out of Singapore.

14. Where you have registered as a member with EVSE, you shall bear the responsibility of managing and protecting your username and password. In this regard, you shall not divulge, allow, transfer (or otherwise) your username and password to any third party. EVSE shall not be liable for any loss that may be directly or indirectly incurred by you as a result of such third party using your username and/or password.

15. In the event that your username and/or password are stolen, leaked or used without your permission, you shall inform EVSE as soon as is practical to do so, so that EVSE can remedy the same.


(E) Use of cookies

16. A cookie is a small amount of data that EVSE’s web server sends to your web browser when you access EVSE’s digital content, webpage and/or Ecommerce store.

17. By using and accessing EVSE’s digital content, webpage and/or Ecommerce store, you consent to EVSE placing a number of cookie files in your web browser. The purpose of cookies is to enable certain features of our services, analyse our webpage flow, store your preference(s) and customise advertisements.

18. You are entitled to disable EVSE’s cookies where your browser permits for the same. However, by doing so, you may not be able to gain full access to the functionality and services of EVSE’s digital content.


(F) Your rights under the PDPA

19. Save as limited or excluded by the PDPA, you are entitled to the following:

    (a) Request for access to your personal information that is in the possession or under the control of EVSE;

    (b) Request for access to information on the manner in which your personal information has been or may have been dealt with by EVSE within a year before the date of your such request;

    (c) Request to correct an error or omission in your personal information that is in the possession or under the control of EVSE; and

    (d) Request to withdraw the consent you have given, or deemed to have given to EVSE in relation to EVSE’s collection, use or disclosure, by giving to EVSE reasonable notice.

20. You may send in a written request for the above to us via email at [email address].

21. Please note that the release of your personal information to you is subject to the PDPA. EVSE is entitled to refuse your request if the release of your personal information to you can reasonably be expected to:

    (a) Threaten, cause immediate or grave harm to your safety, physical or mental health;

    (b) Reveal personal information of another individual;

    (c) Prejudice on-going investigation; or

    (d) Harm the competitive position of EVSE in any way.

22. EVSE is also entitled under the PDPA to deny your request for the release of your personal information in the following circumstances:

    (a) Where your request interferes with EVSE’s operation as a result of repetitious or systematic nature of your requests;

    (b) If the burden or expense of providing you with your personal information would be unreasonable to EVSE and/or its group of companies or disproportionate to your interests;

    (c) Where such information you have requested cannot be found or does not exist;

    (d) Where your request is for personal information that is trivial; or

    (e) Where your request for personal information is otherwise frivolous or vexatious.


(G) Links to third-party webpages and social media webpages

23. EVSE’s digital content, webpage and/or Ecommerce store may contain links to third-party’s webpages and social medial webpages.

24. Such webpages are not under EVSE’s control and EVSE shall in no way be responsible for such webpages.

25. Any personal information that you choose to disclose to such third-party(ies) will not be subject to EVSE’s Privacy Policy. In this regard, you are encouraged to read through the privacy policy of the third-party webpages and social media webpages.

26. This Privacy Policy does not and does not intend to create any contractual rights whatsoever or any other legal rights, nor does it create any obligations on EVSE in respect of any other party or on behalf of any party.


(H) EVSE’s social media webpages

27. EVSE’s digital content, webpage and/or Ecommerce store do provide links to social media webpages such as EVSE’s Facebook, Instagram and Youtube accounts, where you can share information with your social networks and to interact with EVSE. Do note that your use of such links may lead to the collection or sharing of your information.

28. The privacy policy of the social media webpages will not be the same as this Privacy Policy and you are encouraged to review the privacy policy of such social media webpages to better understand the type of information that are collected and shared.


(I) General

29. EVSE reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. You are encouraged to check EVSE’s digital content and/or webpage for changes from time to time.

30. Please do not hesitate to contact EVSE’s data protection officer if you require any clarification on this Privacy Policy. You may contact EVSE’s data protection officer via the online form found in

EVSE’s digital content, webpage and/or eCommerce store, call EVSE at [contact number] or email EVSE at [].

31. EVSE will endeavour to provide you with a reply as soon as it can.